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MDC Ends Affiliation with Epic

In 2006, MDC was formed as a boutique commercial real estate firm with a small portfolio of assets in Western Canada. Over the years following its inception, MDC underwent rapid growth, expanding its asset base and management platform to key markets in the US while continuing to build on its asset base in Western Canada.

MDC is excited to announce the end of its affiliation with Epic effective August 1, 2023 and will now operate as a single platform on both sides of the border under the name “MDC Realty Advisors”. MDC's key personnel have remained managing the assets including Jeff Kohn, Allan Okabe, Jordan Kohn, Marty Homan, Steve Blas, Suzanne Dixon, Bruce Backstrom and Justin Backstrom. This decision was made to allow the same experienced MDC management team to focus exclusively on our MDC assets on both sides of the border.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with our long-standing relationships in both Canada and the US, continuing to grow our portfolio with a focus on the markets where we are currently active. 

For more information about MDC, please feel free to contact Allan Okabe, Principal at

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